What can we do about freshwater in NZ?! A chat with Marnie from Choose Clean Water
Here’s Marnie from Choose Clean Water NZ talking about what’s going on with freshwater in NZ, why right now is an important time for change, and what you can do to have an influence!

How we can all get involved in local decision-making: Council public participation with Alicia Hall!
The Wellington City Council is currently making plans that will shape the future of the city. Do we go back to business as usual? Or do we learn from our mistakes, address the issues that lockdown has highlighted , and build back better? It’s down to us- make your voice heard!!

A chat with Generation Zero: How you can get involved / support / upskill!
I talked to the lovely duo Eleanor and Marko from Generation Zero about who they are, what they’re up to, and how you can get involved!
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