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WCC Annual Plan- Get Involved!

WCC has released their annual plan and are asking for feedback by 5pm Monday the 8th of June! This is a really important opportunity to engage and add your voice vouching for a plan that centers social and environmental justice. But, no matter how many awesome thoughts we may have, the time and effort required to put into submissions can be very offputting! So, we are here to help you out, making it as easy as possible: First, a video where I pretend to be a journalist and chat to Tim Jones, long-suffering submitter: And here is a complete how-to guide from the man himself! We will also be at the TUI hub (Aro Community Hall) tomorrow (Thurs 4th) from 12pm-2pm with paper copies of the submission on hand to help you through if you want to come do it with us in person!! Remember submissions are due THIS MONDAY so get in there and be heard! <3

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This is a pivotal moment in history. This is a time where all previous assumptions can be reassessed; Where we can see clearer than ever how broken ‘normal’ was, and use the recovery to build a far better, fairer and more sustainable society!! It may feel like a doubly strange time because despite the awareness of how important decisions made now are, it has been difficult to know what we can do about it while in lockdown. There have been a lot of awesome discussions and work being done, but it’s been hard to know how to be a part of it and make the movement for positive change more powerful. Well, this is where we get involved!! We’ve done some research and have put together some really tangible, really important, really achievable things you can do that will be immensely helpful in the push to finally rectify some of the huge underlying problems that have led us to this point of multiple crises. While you might be seeing a lot of awesome discussions going on with really great ideas, these ideas are by no means a given; and need huge public buy-in if they’re going to get implemented. And…

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